Car Park


This is the first one in a series of illustrations about empty spaces. The picture was taken at the Peckham car park. In the summer Frank’s Cafe opens on the rooftop, but the six storey buildiong is pretty much abandoned for the rest of the year.

Sunny Afternoon


In a sleepy Italian town a strange boy heads to the beach!
I wanted to make a short animation set in Italy. When I was growing up hot summers were spent playing games, meeting friends and swimming in the sea. In this micro-film I aimed to capture a sense of the colours, sounds and feelings of those hot lazy summer afternoons.

We’re Hunting Treasures

We're Hunting Treasures

A pirate ship, a group of crabs and an octopus get together in search for a treasures. In a world where colourful animated characters inhabit unusual places, transforming them in to scenes from a daydream. The story reminds us that what we are searching for doesn’t always turn out to be exactly as we had hoped.